Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moments and Memories

I'm having one of those moments where I feel utterly overwhelmed with life. My mind is barking at me all the things that I don't find the time to do in a day, all the things I should be doing at this moment, all the things I said or didn't say in the past 15 hours - a laundry list of 'things' be them big or small - and most of it just stupid really. So, to shut my mind up AND complete one of the things on my list, I decided I'd update my blog. And in doing so, memories of the past few weeks have begun to arise and the voices have waned if but a small amount.

A few weeks ago Andy was without a job - for like 3 days. So, on my Friday off, we all headed up to Payson Lakes. Lailah had a blast playing in the water and it was fun to see her and Andy spend some time together. Lailah even got to spend some time with Grandpa Frank. They found a bunch of Airsoft BBs laying around and Grandpa patiently waited for Lailah to find them all.

 Ok, tell me that's not the cutest thing ever.

Someone LOVES water.

 Big smiles mean Big Fun.

Grandpa gives some pretty great spin rides, sound effects included.

Also within the past few weeks we went to the annual Dean Family Reunion, where Lailah partook of watermelon and diet coke, fishing for prizes, and searching for Acorn caps. Really, what could be better? She had a blast.

It feels good to be able to check one of the items off of my list of 'things' buzzing through my head. And it was nice to stop and remember that life isn't always about having things to do, and having a head full of static. Sometimes life is about stopping to remember the beauty of it all.